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Automate Your

Project Workflow

Reduce project management costs by 90%. Think of HubUx as your personal AI project manager, taking care of all your recruitment and interview coordination needs in the background.




"It is time for us to integrate our workflows with the tools and sample providers we ❤️"




"Honestly, I'm sick of all the new tools. Let's figure out how to use the ones we have."










Single place for the tools you love.

With 600 tools in the market research space, it's easy to go down the wrong path looking for the best fit. At HubUx, we connect you with the right providers based on your research and project needs.

Moderated Chat Sessions
AI enable moderated consumer discussions.

Focus Groups
Connect and coordinate with our facility partners.

Live Webcam Interviews 
One-on-one video chat with optional professional services.


Reach a specific audience in the moment.

We make recruiting sample ridiculously easy. On top of giving you tools to automate the recruiting process, we can also do custom recruiting for you, leveraging our 1,500 global facilities and the billions of social media users worldwide. Contact us for more info

Upload Your Target Respondents 
Using a .CSV or tab-delimited text file. No limit on the number of respondents you can upload. 

Recruit From Social Media
Generate an opt-in link to use in your social recruiting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, etc.

Your Managed Community 
You can recruit respondents from your managed community on the BeGreat app, our panel management solution. 


Frequently asked questions

Can I use HubUx and still be GDPR-compliant?

HubUx offers a suite of tools allowing you to honor your users’ GDPR-related requests and maintain compliance, including user deletion, sensitive data exclusion, and data exports. Learn more about GDPR and HubUx.