We Build Better ResearchOps.


What is ResearchOps?

We’re the doers of research and have spent decades building the consumer insights industry's top tools including Decipher, Revelation, and FocusVision used by over 3,000 companies globally. 

HubUx is our startup focused on a single thing: making research easy by connecting the tools and customers you ❤️. 

We have created a platform that connects top tools into a user flow with embedded governance, security, and privacy so organizations can scale their design and user research practice.

Our company started on April 1, 2019, but our journey started in the mid-90s in Palo Alto, CA. 


Researchers need tools and processes that work.

Why is ResearchOps important? 

  • Research ethics
  • Making research easy and accessible (i.e. “democratizing” research)
  • Building respect for the people who participate in our research
  • Protecting participant privacy
  • Correct data handling
  • Growing the impact of our research (knowledge sharing)

What does it look like? 

It used to be the case conducting 10 customer interviews took up to 30 hours, required multiple tools, and likely emailing participant email addresses (now subject to significant fines with GDPR & CCPA). 


Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.28.55 AM


With HubUx, we integrate the User Testing tools you use everyday into an automated workflow turning the above into a fully compliant, easy to use, and better experience for both participants and researchers. You just enter who you want to talk to and when you are available, HubUx automatically handles the recruiting, coordination and incentives. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.30.45 AM


This saves time and money while greatly improving both participants' and researchers' experience so that everyone can focus on the insights, not the operations. 


Not a Black Box 

Today, everyone is doing research, but that doesn't mean everyone should. Just because you have a scalpel doesn't mean you should do surgery.

  1. We start by mapping your existing workflow for full transparency
  2. Next, we incorporate the tools you already love
  3. Finally, we tie them all together into a centralized Hub 

This creates data visibility and accessibility across your organization. You know who is doing what. 


The Team

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Jamin Brazil


Former CEO of FocusVision, which worked with 75% of the Fortune 100. Host of Happy Market Research podcast, the #1 podcast in the industry.

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Matt Tymn


Former CEO of Parkaware (One Sense). Developed technology for top firms including Pfizer, Eli Lilly and John Deere. Expert at leveraging internal and outsourced development teams

Eric Santos (1)

Eric Santos

Sales & Marketing

Former CEO of Benchmark Intelligence. Built and grew enterprise sales team. Raised funding from San Joaquin Capital, The Brandery & Boomtown. Former account management and sales at Decipher.

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Chueyee Yang


Content creator and social media wizard. Owner of successful YouTube channel. Creative Director and Show Producer at Happy Market Research Podcast.


We Want To Hear From You

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